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Sherry Granader

Professional Speaker

"It has been such a pleasure to work with Carmen over the years in the speaking industry - not only does she bring out the BEST in each speaker she works with, she has a talent for promoting them by their speaker materials and web site. Thank you for your continued belief in me as a National Speaker."

Leslie Sarmiento, Interior Decorator

Decorating Den

Working with Carmen has allowed me to devote more time to other aspects of my business that I am not able to delegate to anyone else. I am much more visible and credible now than I have ever been, yet, with less effort. She is priceless, in my book. 

Pamela C. Grant, Life Coach and Career Coach, MSOE

Life Callings™ and Career Callings™

"Carmen has a unique talent for finding the right venue for my services and products.

Her encouragement and enthusiasm helps build my self-esteem as I leap to the new level in my business!"

So if you're looking for a company that keeps a smile on their face with a great positive attitude... 

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New Services Being Offered for Business Owners!

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New Services Being Offered for Business Owners!

Announcing: New Services Being Offered by Penworth.com for Business Owners! Carmen Wisenbaker, owner of Penworth.com, is now offering Advisory Board Consultations for business owners. The consultations provide business owners the expertise of a webmaster, marketing, and optimization expert on a one-on-one basis. Carmen has owned Penworth.com for more than 15 years and her expertise spans more than 35 years. She has taught at several colleges, been the keynote speaker for hundreds of events, and conducted specialized training for numerous...

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Cartoon Series: Bigfoot Exists!

Posted by on 11:47 am in Cartoon Series | 0 comments

Cartoon Series: Bigfoot Exists!

This week’s Cartoon Series gives proof that Bigfoot exists! “Oh, I know Bigfoot exists! I just befriended him on Facebook!” Our Cartoon Series provides us a way to showcase our artistic and graphical abilities (which is great for content marketing), along with a way of sharing our humor, too. And if you would like help developing a creative content marketing package for your social media marketing or to keep your website fresh with new information (and ongoing optimization)… just contact us today! We would love to help you...

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Location Based Marketing

Posted by on 5:37 pm in Article, Marketing Tip | 0 comments

Location Based Marketing

How to Use Location Based Marketing for Your Business Location based marketing is one of the newer internet trends in marketing. If your business tends to do a lot of volume in local markets, using location based marketing could actually help boost your sales and is something you should definitely look into using. Review Sites: Yelp, Google Places, HotFrog Review sites are big players in the world of internet influencers. Whether your business is online or offline, there’s a good chance someone’s going to visit a site like Yelp to...

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