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Developing Brand Recognition
(Part 9 of 10)

Tips to develop brand recognition

You already know that before you can market your brand, it has to be defined. Your brand is defined by your unique products or services, your personality, voice, and the experience and emotions you want your customer to have when they think of you.

Once you have a defined brand, one of your goals may be to ensure that you have brand recognition. This means that when someone sees your logo, hears your tagline, or thinks about your products or services, they immediately connect that concept with you. Brand recognition is defined as the extent to which a consumer can correctly identify a particular product or service just by viewing the product or service’s logo, tag line, packaging or advertising campaign.

It’s a lofty goal simply because it can take hundreds of impressions for someone to begin making an association between your brand and your company. A good example of this is Nike. You probably saw the Nike swish several times before you paid attention enough to realize that it belonged to a shoe company. And a few more impressions were probably required before you remembered that the “swish” represented Nike.

brand recognitionIn the past, there were different marketing and advertising models that said it could take anywhere from seven to twenty impressions before a prospect would recognize a brand. But in today’s “noisy” climate, it is now said it can actually take hundreds of impressions for that same recognition. So how do you ensure you get your brand in front of your prospect often and consistently? How do you create brand recognition?

Consistency across mediums ––

The first step is to make sure your brand message is consistent across all of your marketing channels, from email to social media.

Multiple marketing channels -–

The more marketing channels you utilize, the better chance you have of reaching your prospect repeatedly. For example, you might reach them on your blog, via social media, and as a guest blogger.

Frequency matters -–

Whatever marketing channels you use, use them often. For example, don’t send one email a month; instead send at least one a week.

Finally, consider how you can engage your existing customers in conversation. How can you motivate them to share their story and how can you leverage their positive feedback online? Word of mouth makes a strong and often memorable impression on your audience. Let your customers market and build your brand with you.

Next time, we’ll wrap it up by taking a look at the most common branding mistakes and how you can avoid them.

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