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How to Promote and Publicize Your Next Best-Seller!

If you’ve ever written a book, you know the biggest task is to make everyone aware that it even exists. In order to sale the book, your buying audience has to know that it’s published, it’s well written with lots of valuable or entertaining information, and it’s readily available for purchase.

Master this and your book will be golden!

So, I wanted to share my checklist for making this task a little easier for you to accomplish!

A typical book promotion campaign should include the following:

Book Reviews: Check with each book reviewer to find out their criteria. Some will only accept galley copies (a version of your book in pre-publication format), some reviewers only accept finished versions before the printed pre-publication date, and some reviewers only accept books once they’re officially past the publish date. So to increase your chances of receiving a review, check before you send!

Send out Book Announcement Press Releases: To papers, magazines, television, radio, etc. and once you have been published in any of them (both online and off), post the link to the review on social media, social sharing, and your own website and/or blog.

Do Radio and Television Interviews: To do this, send out a list of commonly asked questions in regards to the book that would be of interest to their audience. This helps the host know why they should interview you and what type of guest you would make. When sending out a press kit always include – a cover letter, short bio, any book reviews, testimonials, photographs, business cards, speaking engagement schedule, and book brochure.

Do Keynote Speaking: There are literally thousands and thousands of local groups looking for great programs for their meetings. Contact the program director/chair and ask to send your topic and materials to them for consideration. When presenting, provide posters of your book to help increase in back-of-the-room sales.

Start a Blog: This is a great way to gain attention and create the image of an expert (in your field). Readers today like to feel close to the blogger/author they follow, so post often enough on your subject to retain their attention.

Author Events: Host book signings and autograph parties in local book stores, with book clubs, and other related organizations.

Write About Your Topic: Write articles and submit to online article banks and ask if other related bloggers would be interested in having you write an article of interest for their audience as a guest blogger. Doing this allows you to post a short bio and a link to your book.

Offer Your Book Everywhere: Distribute through various channels, including book distributors, online and offline book stores, book clubs, related organizations and companies.

Of course, there are many more ways to publicize your book than this and many ways will pertain only to your particular situation. But don’t forget some of the items included above. It’s a lot of work to make your book a best-seller, but certainly worth every bit of the effort!

To your success,
Carmen Wisenbaker
Publisher, Marketer, and Website Designer

Self-Publishing Services, Marketing, and Website and Blog Design in Humble, TX 77338 | Kingwood, TX 77339 | Atascocita, TX 77346

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