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Showcasing Your Knowledge

I’m often asked by business owners if they should consider writing a book. Of course, my answer is always an immediate… yes!

But, a lot of times it’s hard for them to determine the topic and message to write about.

I always tell them to write about what they know. Mainly, what they do to make a living. You see, the cool thing about producing products is that it doesn’t necessarily need to be a hardcover or paperback book. It could be a workbook, a special report, an e-book, a journal, a CD or DVD, or anything in between.

The even cooler part of developing and producing “how-to” types of products is that it sets you up as the expert, gives you tremendous credibility, and provides another way for you to make money!

And, we like that part of it, huh? So, what’s stopping you from developing your own products?

To your success,
Carmen Wisenbaker
Publisher, Marketer, and Website Designer
Certifications in Optimization, Social Media Marketing and WordPress Webmaster

Self-Publishing Services, Marketing, and Website and Blog Design in Humble, TX 77338 | Kingwood, TX 77339 | Atascocita, TX 77346

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