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Writing Your Business Tagline
(Part 7 of 10)

How to write an effective business tagline.

Next to your business name, another important element of your branding is your tagline. Unfortunately, many organizations skip the tagline or they fall short of creating one that truly exemplifies their brand. First, let’s talk about what a tagline is, and then we’ll explore some tips to creating one that is memorable.

What Is a Tagline?

A tagline is a sentence or phrase that shares your brand message and identity. It is designed to communicate who you are and what you do in a few memorable words. A tagline is also often called a slogan.”

Here are a few examples of notable taglines:

Nike tagline –Just Do It
Zappos taglinePowered by Service
Apple ComputerThink Different

Tips for Writing a Good Tagline

Writing a good tagline isn’t easy, but it is possible. To do this, first write down a list of words, phrases, and sentiments that you want others to associate with your business. Zappos is a great example. Their mission and vision were to be a customer service centered business so the tagline “Powered by Service” represents who they are and what they do. It clearly and succinctly states a benefit of buying from Zappos.

Good taglines are:

  • Memorable –– They use power words and words that evoke emotion.
  • Short -– Notice that the examples all have three words or less. Try to keep your tagline shorter than eight words.
  • Sets you apart – Your tagline should tell what makes you different from the others.

Brand WritingYour tagline can also state a benefit and reflect your brand personality. It needs to be believable and original. Taglines should be appealing enough to grab your reader’s attention. Now, work with your list of words, phrases, and sentiments and start drafting potential taglines.

You might create twenty to fifty potential taglines and that’s just fine. Once you’ve written down as many as you can, set them aside for a while. Come back to your list later and identify a few that resonate with you and feel powerful. Then start asking others for their input and advice on your potential tagline. You might even test a few with your audience. Your tagline is important, so take your time with this step.

Next time, we’ll take a look at identifying the goals of your brand. This step is important to consider before you start marketing your brand.

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