Does fear hold you back or push you forward?

Does fear have a good side?How does fear serve you?

This question really comes into play for me at this time of year. You see, this is when I start forecasting next year’s marketing agenda and goals. And, of course, when I look at where I desire to be in the next 12 months, that’s when fear rears its ugly head. The first thing that pops in my mind is, “AACK! I can’t do that… I’m too scared to pull it off!”

Thankfully I’ve developed my “other” inner voice inside that “talks” to the other fear-stricken voice. This is the voice that helps drive me into completing my enormous tasks.

You might ask why this would be important. But, I know if I don’t act on some of my “To Do” list now, I’ll never get to where I plan on going.

If you ever find yourself in this dilemma, here’s a technique I use:

  • First, I write down my goals.
  • Then, I list all the tasks to complete each one.
  • Next, I break these steps into “baby” steps.
  • And finally, I jot down who I know that can help get me achieve these goals.

Of course, finding those that might be able to help is the most exciting part. The reason I say this is because I then start thinking of how I might be able to help them reach their goals, too. That’s when the magic happens! At this point it becomes a win-win for all parties concerned.

See, there it goes again! The fear is now suddenly gone! Bring on 2012, I’m ready for the thrill!

Can’t believe Christmas is almost here, either!
Carmen, “The Publicity Diva”

Author: Carmen Wisenbaker

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