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Announcing: New Services Being Offered by for Business Owners!

Carmen Wisenbaker, owner of, is now offering Advisory Board Consultations for business owners. The consultations provide business owners the expertise of a webmaster, marketing, and optimization expert on a one-on-one basis.

New Service Advisory Board ConsultationsCarmen has owned for more than 15 years and her expertise spans more than 35 years. She has taught at several colleges, been the keynote speaker for hundreds of events, and conducted specialized training for numerous corporations across the country.

Now, she is sharing her expertise with business owners that are struggling to keep up with the new fast-paced online and social media marketing phenomena. Carmen says, “Things have really changed over the last few years and businesses have had to rethink their strategies when marketing their business.” She continues, “I have so many people approaching me all the time to get feedback, suggestions and direction as to what they should be doing and to find out if what they are doing is correct or not.”

In fact, Carmen’s regular clients have received her extensive insight throughout the years and that’s what helped her create this type of consultation package. The consultations are available several ways including in person (but only available in the Humble, Texas area – where she is located), by phone and by weekly email meetings. She also offers her services as a one-month option or as ongoing consultations with no contracts required. Her sessions are great for idea generation, brainstorming, support, strategizing, advice, direction, suggestions, and feedback on any or all marketing and online campaigns. Every business owner needs someone that will listen to their ideas, answer questions, give honest feedback on their choices and look at their business from an outsider’s viewpoint. And that’s exactly what this service provides.

Carmen WisenbakerAbout Carmen: she is a WordPress Webmaster and a Master Certified SEO Expert. Armed with more than 35 years of experience, Carmen loves helping her clients develop the best online marketing strategies customized for their type of business to bring in more traffic and profits. She has helped thousands of small business owners, all across the country; implement cost-effective, high-impact online and social media marketing campaigns.

Known for her energy, passion and “get-it-done” attitude, Carmen shares her savvy website, optimization, and social marketing tips when presenting enlightening corporate sponsored seminars. She is the author of many special reports, journals, and books, including “52 Ways to Become Famous [and sometimes infamous].”

About the Business: specializes in website design, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing. The company was founded in the year 2000 and works with both local and national clients. To find out more about her Advisory Board Consultations visit her service page here.