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If you’re in the process of hiring a graphic designer, it might get a little confusing as to which one to choose. Well, today I’ve assembled a few considerations to help you make your choice. And to make things even more interesting, I designed it into a “Graphical Tip.” I’ve also included everything in a text format below. Hope this helps in your quest to hire the graphic designer of your dreams!

10 Points for Hiring a Graphic Designer

So, here is my “10 Point Checklist For Hiring a Graphic Designer”:

1. Look for a graphic designer that has worked on your type of project before.
2. Make sure the graphic designer has the right software and tools to complete your project.
3. The graphic designer should be able to conceptualize your vision easily.
4. Check out the designer not only for their experience, but their expertise as well.
5. Ask for deadline projections and make sure they line up with yours.
6. Study their proposal thoroughly and ask questions if anything isn’t clear.
7. Good designers will offer plenty of creative suggestions for your project – so listen to their ideas.
8. Ask about their communication preferences for keeping in touch and how often they update their clients.
9. Their contract should be clear and precise without any hidden clauses.
10. Check out their testimonials and credentials to find out what others have to say about their work and their customer service.

And, as always, if you ever need our help, just give us a call!

Graphically yours,
Carmen Wisenbaker, Creative Director
Penworth Marketing