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New domain name extensions are now being added for Web addresses!

This is a “fun and interesting” info-graphic that is easy to share with others. So enjoy!

Infographic: Domain Names
New Domain Names are Coming Soon!

Hundreds of new Net domains will go live this year, driving an almost 50-fold increase over the previous 22 domains, such as .com and .net. These are new names that are already available or will be soon, according to Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers:

.bargains, .buzz, .camera, .ceo, .careers, .clothing, .dating, .diamonds, .estate, .florist, .guitars, .guru, .holiday, .menu,
.ninja, .recipe, .sexy, .shoes, .tattoo, .technology

… and many more to come!

Find one that describes your business perfectly? Then you might want to secure yours right away.

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