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Check List for Sending Press ReleasesFirst, let’s take a look at the difference between advertising and publicity:

• Imagine yourself reading the newspaper. Do you read advertisements as closely as you read news stories? Do you believe advertising as readily as you believe news stories? No, you don’t. Neither do other people. We tend to skip over or tune out advertisements, but we pay attention to news items or human-interest stories. Not only do we pay more attention, we also are more likely to believe news or human-interest stories than advertisements. A third party endorsement is more powerful than any advertising, and when a newspaper or radio or TV show does an interview with you, they are endorsing that you are worthy of attention.

• Media is made up of two components: advertising and content. Wouldn’t you rather be the content and heard, than be the advertisement and ignored?


So, what can press coverage do for you?

  • Will get you a lot more media coverage with other media outlets (since media tends to beget more media).
  • Potential clientele will find you more credible (and will call you instead of you having to chase them or losing them to a competitor).
  • Presents great opportunities to team up with others for profit!

Now, let’s get started!
Here I’ve listed some great reasons to send out press releases that only require you to send the basic facts about the subject. What this means to you is you don’t have to spend a lot of time writing the release or even distributing your release to a lot of places.
“Just the Facts” and “Missed Opportunities”
1. Appointments to boards and committees or formation of boards and committees.
2. Contests you’re sponsoring or promoting, especially if they’re connected to a charity.
3. Continuing or community education classes you are teaching, sponsoring or supporting.
4. Holiday celebrations, fundraisers, gifting or community involvement.
5. Open houses and tours of your facilities, plant, etc., especially if they’re new.
6. Speaking engagements.
7. Special events (all types).
8. Workshops you’re presenting or sponsoring.
9. Accomplishments, awards, and other forms of recognition.
10. Anniversaries and milestones in your company’s history.
11. Appearances by company executives or employees at important community events.
12. Articles by you or about you in publications or appearances on radio and TV.
13. Birthdays—the business or important people in your organization.
14. Celebrity visits to your facility or cause.
15. Charity Projects. Donations and volunteerism by you or company employees.
16. Controversy. This can be especially effective if you are the spokesperson for a group.
17. Death of an important person in your organization or industry.
18. Fundraisers—kickoff, ongoing reports, conclusion.
19. Giveaways—free samples, free products or services.
20. Grants—either giving or receiving.
21. Merger, acquisition or new alliances.
22. New company name or address.
23. New facilities—announcement of, groundbreaking ceremonies, progress reports.
24. New job, career, or situation.
25. New job creations, especially new positions.
26. New hours, especially if they’re unusual or ‘groundbreaking’ in some way.
27. New Website.
28. Newsletter you’re starting, especially e-newsletters.
29. When your name appears in books/articles or when you are quoted in books/articles.
30. Predictions or forecasts by company officials, researchers, or executives.
31. Public Stock Offering.
32. Retirement of key or longtime employees.
33. Trade Show Activity (any and all involvement).
34. White paper, position paper, or a manuscript someone has written.


Whew! Seems like a lot, huh? But, this is just the beginning of ideas to use. My challenge to you is to look for lots of other ways that could help you accomplish your news coverage goals! You’ll be surprised at how many ideas you create for your own list!

Be sure to share with a friend and post your ideas, too!

Carmen, “The Publicity Diva”

P.S. If publicity seems too overwhelming or time-consuming, we would love to work with you to make it happen with less work on your behalf. So, give us a call or send us an email to find out more about our publicity services today!