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Starting a blog is easy, but without advanced search engine optimization, it won’t get found by the right audience. There are so many sites online today that it can be difficult to stand out. Search engine results are typically congested with links of no relevance or the same well-established sites. To get your site noticed, you’ll need to use some proven strategies to get listed on the first few pages, too. Here are 5 easy steps to follow in order to achieve a higher ranking very quickly.

Optimization brings new readersStep 1: Use Bigger Pictures

The internet is inherently a visual medium and one that Google loves. We’re no longer held back by slow connections and poor access, two issues that have been thoroughly mitigated today. In fact, even an average connection on today’s large, high-resolution monitors will now stream high quality video very effectively. So there is no reason for a site to not use high quality pictures. And by doing so, you’ll find people staying on your site longer and sharing more often.

Step 2: Answer Questions on the Internet

Question and answer forums such as “Formspring” and “Yahoo! Answers” have given people a new way to do research. It gives them a place to ask questions in a safe environment.

You can use that to your advantage. If you have a site, you have expertise on what your site is about. So go find questions you can answer and answer them. If you happen to already have a post on the subject, leave a link to that post, citing it as a source. Not only will it bring new readers, but it will improve your credibility, too.

Step 3: Post Reviews

Wars have been fought over egos, and you can use that fact to your advantage. So, review something, anything that is related to your niche. It could be other websites or other products. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that something has been reviewed, which gives the reader a motivation to react. Viewers might have long discussions on the topic, leading to increased comments. The people reading may link to that post and discuss whether it is accurate or start a separate discussion. This all leads to increased views, more inbound links, and an engaged community.

Words of caution, though; use this step with care. If you are going to review something, you should also be ready to explain the reasoning behind your choices. Why is it at the top? Why is at the bottom? And what do you know about the subject or product?

Social Media SitesStep 4: Use Non-Traditional Social Media Sharing Sites

When thinking about social media sharing, many people only think of Facebook and Twitter. Which isn’t surprising – both of these sites are massive and have an incredible reach. However, they’re not the only players on the field.

Your site’s optimization can be vastly improved simply by going to less traditional social sharing sites. For example, if your site covers artists, focus on sites like Pinterest or DeviantArt as a source of traffic. If you’re talking about a particular industry, you might want to consider posting on LinkedIn. The point is there is so much more to social media sharing and marketing than just Facebook and Twitter.

Step 5: Continuously Update Your Site

Even the best sites need a tune-up every now and then, even a well-designed site that uses proper optimization. A well-designed site knows how to make links sticky and be easier to share. Even content-rich sites can be less effective if the content is hard to read or view.

Keep your best posts at the top of your site. People can (and do) scroll down, but what you post, and in what order, can determine whether they’ll look at the rest of your site or if they’ll hit the back button instead.

You should make sure that your site is loading quickly, too. This is the age of cable, not dial-up. People expect quick load times, and a faster site is much easier to navigate.

Using these 5 easy steps vastly improves not only your site’s optimization, but makes your site more engaging and increases its value to your readers. Optimizing your site is the perfect stepping stone to creating great content and giving your viewers the right impression. And following these steps will help your site do that and more.

Come back again soon! We love sharing insider tips on optimization, marketing, and other interesting topics, too!

Warmly yours,
“Crazy” Carmen