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Creating Consistency With Your Brand

How to create consistency with your brand (Part 5 of 10)

The only way to really make sure your audience remembers and identifies with your brand is through consistency. In other words, your brand needs to show up many times across multiple channels.

It also means your brand should always provide the same basic message and experience. If your brand is different on social media than it is in your email messages, the end result could be confusing. And confusion drives people away, but consistency can help build a brand.

So how do you create consistency with your brand?

Project a consistent look –

Make sure your logo is used on social media, in your auto-responder messages, on your blog, and on your marketing materials, when it’s appropriate. The colors you use, the style of your images and even the look and feel of your marketing materials should all help your audience immediately identify with your message and brand.

Communicate a consistent tone and voice in your communications –

You have a voice and a personality. Make sure to express it in every single marketing piece and communication you share. For example, if you’re witty on your blog then you want to make sure that your social media communications share the same style.

Embrace a consistent message across all of your marketing and communications channels –

Your tagline is part of your message. However, it should be even broader than that. Your company message is also part of your brand definition. It’s what you stand for and how you function as a business. For example, if your brand is about exceptional customer service then that message should be integrated into your content and marketing.

Brand ConsistencyConsistency helps project who you are to your prospects and customers. Each time they come across your organization they receive a branding experience that further solidifies who you are in their mind. It’s about creating expectations and then meeting them each and every time you make contact with your audience.

As you create your marketing strategy and plan, make sure your branding is consistent across all of your tactics and channels. Branding is comprised of words, actions, and visuals.

Next time (in Part 6), we’ll take a look at the visual components of a brand.

To your hugely prosperous success!
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