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Videos, videos, videos!

Stats important for using video marketingMore information about videos than you probably ever wanted to know! Ha! Ha!

The results are now in and it has been statistically proven that videos are one of the best marketing tools to use for reaching the largest percentage of audiences today.

Here are just a few facts you might consider when determining whether video marketing is right for you:

~ Video marketing has a 38% higher conversion ratio.

~ The average reach for videos is 50% higher than other marketing methods.

~ The return-on-investment (ROI) is 5 times greater than using other tools.

~ The cost to obtain a new client is 48% lower.

~ Video “searches” have steadily grown by a 44% increase over the last 2 years (people are searching for how-to do something, business products and reviews, and to get answers to their questions – not just watching those “CrAzY” cat videos  : )


Don’t have video equipment or software, but would like to produce your own videos?

Try a screenshot recorder instead. If you have a great Powerpoint presentation and a USB microphone, a screenshot recorder records your presentation from your desktop (plus your audio) as you present.

Some good software choices for this include JING (which is free) and will record up to 5 minutes (but it doesn’t allow for editing). For longer videos or editing capabilities, try SNAGIT (which is about $49.95 with a 30 day free trial). Both are from Tech Smith

If you have any questions about making a video, just give me a call at (281) 404-5019 or send me an email at

Happy video-ing,
Carmen, The Publicity Diva

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