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Owning a business today requires a seemingly constant state of planning, production, and evaluation. Many business owners focus the majority of their efforts on marketing and product or service development (which of course they should). But they seem to overlook the importance of increasing their online effectiveness by maintaining their website.

Website Maintenance StrategySo, what is website maintenance and why does it matter?

Website maintenance refers to the process of updating and maintaining your website to keep up with ongoing changes. These changes might come from technology, changes within your business, or even listing outdated information.

Technology changes might mean your WordPress based website has an update available and every corresponding plug-in may also need to be updated, too. By keeping these updated will assure your website is functioning properly.

Changes within your business might include links that are broken, new verbiage on your site, or even new products or services. And when it comes to links that are broken, trust me, a broken link can send visitors away faster than you can say “404 error.” (No pun intended, of course!)

Create an ongoing web maintenance strategyFinally, you may simply have old information, old forms, and even old products or services that are still listed on your website. This can turn prospects away quickly and give visitors the wrong impression of your quality products or services.

Website maintenance keeps your business’ website in tip-top shape. Not only does good maintenance help you evaluate and update, it should also help you understand how your visitors interact with your site and if there are any issues with your navigation or utilization.

Website maintenance might also include the occasional freshening up of the design itself. Visitors respond better when a website changes and keeps its look fresh, updated, and interesting. Plus this gives them another reason to keep coming back to your website.

So, how can you take care of all of these tasks?

  • You can manage the task yourself if you have the time and make it top priority.
  • You can outsource bits and pieces of the task to contractors. But keep in mind… it will be more challenging to create a cohesive look and feel to your site if you have a lot of different people working on updates and improvements.
  • Lastly, you can hire a website maintenance service provider to manage these ongoing tasks. Most providers offer a wide range of services like uncovering new or evolving technologies, responding to blog comments, social media marketing, graphic design, and adding new products or services to your website.

But whichever method you use to handle your website maintenance, keep in mind that your website is often the very first impression a prospect has of you and your business.

So, make website maintenance a priority and you’ll always make a good first impression.

To your continued success,
Carmen Wisenbaker, Creative Director

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