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5 Simple Ways to Stand Out in Your Marketing!

In today’s world, the big rage in marketing techniques is to use all the technology you can to reach your audience as often as possible. But does it really create that coveted connection? Most of the time all it creates is annoyance because people like to feel special.

So today I’m sharing 5 “old school” marketing techniques that can create the “warm fuzzies” that make others feel special and will have you be remembered.

  • Create and grant an annual award.

There are plenty of reasons to hand out an award. Find a way to celebrate someone’s achievements that is newsworthy and make it a big deal. They will love all the recognition (and appreciation).

  • Send hand written congratulations and thank you notes.

This is so simple to do and so meaningful. Very few people send out “snail mail” now-a-days and to do so helps you stand out from the over-crowded sea of technology.

  • unique marketingSend greeting cards for some occasion other than Christmas.

Every business out there seems to send out Christmas cards – which is wonderful, but not very memorable. In fact, it’s so ordinary, it’s almost expected. What isn’t expected is a greeting card for some other occasion. And guess what? Your card will more than likely be the only card received for that holiday.

  • Ask happy customers to write testimonial letters for you.

We all tend to focus on getting our customers to leave a review of our business on sites like Yelp and Google. Of course, to get them to take the time to do so is like pulling teeth (even if they love your service and doing business with you). But even worse is that some businesses actually pay to have made-up reviewers add a fake review on these sites. That’s not very honest. And if found out, your reputation will be ruined… so don’t do it. Better to ask someone to shoot you a quick email and add it to your site manually.

  • Sponsor a cause, event, charity or community group.

Being good at what you do is great. But having a heart for a great cause can change a life. If there is an organization that you believe in, help support them by sponsoring one (or more) of their events. People like doing business with people they like and showing you care goes a long way in helping them know you even better.

Signing off… until next time,
Carmen Wisenbaker
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