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Using Emotion in Your Marketing

Everything you do online should incorporate emotions in every marketing technique used. It doesn’t matter whether it’s text, images, audio, or even visual in the form of video.

Marketing at an emotional level can be a powerful tool. Whether it’s your website, your sales page, or something else in between – all aspects of the campaign should be carefully considered. For instance, the words you use, the images you choose, and the colors used, can create a certain mood or cause a certain reaction (whether good or bad).

So, let’s take a look at each one (below):

The Words –

Certain words trigger emotion and action in your audience. Use words to focus on the benefits your product or service offers your audience. Remember they want to know what’s in it for them, not the other way around.

An example: Use trigger words like “Limited time offer” or “Act now and receive a bonus.” Of course, you don’t want to lie, but you do want to shoot straight and tell them exactly what their benefits are for acting now.

The Images –

Images of people tend to bring forth more emotion from your readers. Let the face of the person demonstrate the emotion that you want the audience to feel as they look at your website, watch your video or view other content you’ve posted.

An example: If you’re writing about solutions and how your audience can solve a problem, try using a picture of something that demonstrates the solution to your audience. Be sure to use a person they can relate to and is believable in the solution scenario.

Marketing EmotionallyThe Colors –

Some colors evoke different emotions based on lots of various factors, so it’s very important to understand your audience. You want the colors you choose to elicit the right emotions in your message.

An example: If you want your audience to feel as if they should be excited and passionate about something, choose colors known for creating passion like red or orange. If you want them to feel happy, choose a color like yellow to emulate the color of sunshine which tends to make people smile.

As you can see, it’s very important to understand your audience completely and realize what their emotional needs are to know what emotion triggers certain actions from them. A good way to find this out is by surveying your audience, getting to know them more, or asking for feedback as you create new products and services geared just for them.

To your hugely prosperous success!
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