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Why Offline Marketing Tactics Aren’t Always Enough

Offline marketing is great, but it’s not enough these days. You need to have an online presence, too. Here are some of the main reasons why.

Your Customers Are Online

Whether you want to deal with it or not, your customers are online. They search for service providers online, they shop online, and they research businesses online. They even check your store hours and directions online. If you don’t have an online presence and aren’t marketing your business online, then you’re not only missing out on connecting with existing customers, you’re also missing out on new customers, too.

marketing a burger onlineYour Competition Is Online

Are better than your competition? Do you provide better products or services? And do you provide a more memorable customer experience or simply care more about your customers? Well, if your competition is marketing online and you’re not, then they’re probably getting a lot of your business. In order to compete, you need to market online so your audience knows you exist and why you’re better than your competition.

More Value

When you market to your audience and customers online, you’re able to provide them with more value. For example, a simple blog post or article can help your customer solve a problem. It boosts your credibility and builds trust at the same time. Value can come in the form of coupons, special offers, and handy tips too.

marketing ice cream onlineIt’s Cheaper and Easier

Offline marketing can be expensive and time consuming. Imagine that you create a coupon, have it printed and then mail it to your customers. They receive the coupon, hang it on their refrigerator and hopefully remember to use it next time they visit your business.

Alternatively, if you publish a coupon on your website, you can email your customers and prospects and let them know about the coupon. You can also promote it on social media and before the coupon expires you send out another email blast. You’re able to get the coupon into the hands of those that will use it without having to pay any printing or mailing costs.

Online Tactics Are Easier to Measure and Track

Offline marketing definitely has its place. It’s a good way to build relationships in your community and to create a loyal following. However, it’s also quite tricky to measure the success of any offline tactics. Online marketing can be tracked by using analytics and by creating unique pages for specific traffic. You can also test and change online marketing tactics without increasing your expenses.

Offline businesses can benefit by integrating their online and offline marketing tactics. Create a clear and consistent message across both plans and track your efforts to see which tactics deliver a better return on investment. You’ll more than likely find the combination of the two will pay off for your business in a big way.

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