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Those dreaded questionsWe all get them, and when it happens, most of us seem to have a real knee-jerk reaction.

What am I talking about? Questions we get asked about our business that pushes us over the edge. Questions like… “do you offer a discount?” or “would you share your secrets with me?” or maybe even “would you send me a list of your contacts?” Of course, the list of questions goes on and on, and they change just a little in context by industry.

When the question happens, how do you respond? A lot of times we don’t give these any thought until the negative thoughts pop into our minds at the time of the asking. And even then, we’re typically at a loss of words for a proper reply. In our minds, we might even be very furious that someone would be so bold to ask such a question and expect a reply.

That’s where the danger lies. You see, if the answers have not been developed and rehearsed beforehand, these little annoyances could eat up all of your energies (and sometimes your whole day).

Instead of spending time letting this upset you, prepare what you’re going to say beforehand. Here are some examples I use (and I typically make it fun and very casual). When someone wants to “pick my brain,” I have several “on the spot” answers ready. Depending on the situation, I will sometimes say, “now, I know that you know I charge extra for that.” Or I might even come back with, “I have no problem answering one question for you, but it has to be a yes or no answer.” And, depending on the person, I normally get a chuckle or two when I use these “canned” answers and the mood then turns light and friendly.

By doing this, I protect my energy and we both go on our merry ways. See how much better things turn out once you practice a more positive way answering those much “dreaded” questions?

Now for a great action step: write down the questions, that when asked, seem to upset you most. Now find a way to answer and react to each one that protects your energies and boundaries. Once you’ve created your list, rehearse saying each one until you answer smoothly. When you’re finished, resume being happy!

Here’s to your amazing success!
Carmen, “The Publicity Diva”

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