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A simple way to grow your business by planting seeds of success!

Do you have all the business you could possibly want or need? If you’re like me, you’re still growing your business, but you want to grow it in the right way. Marketing is an ongoing item on my agenda, and I’m always looking for new ways to market my services. Where do you begin the process of attracting more business? How do you get the ball rolling in the direction you want your business to be headed? Well, it’s really simple. Start planting seeds! If you start growing a garden each spring, why not start your business growing, too?

Start by telling everyone what you do, including those people you see every day. Talk to your hairdresser, dentist, financial advisor, or even your babysitter. You just never know who they might know who might want or need your products or services. Leave business cards with those people, so they can hand them out to others who may be interested in contacting you. That old saying that includes the line “the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker” rings true in this circumstance.

grow your businessPlant seeds everywhere you go. Typical ways to market your business are fine, but the best way is by simply using word-of-mouth. “Who do you know…” can be a very powerful statement when you are talking to others about what you do or what you sell. Let your presence be known. Be creative! I have a list of the top professionals I know. When someone either in my professional circle or my personal circle is looking for a particular service, I’m able to refer them to someone I know and trust. All of the professionals on my list are able to refer me to those they know as well. It’s a win/win situation. My name is on their list, their name is on mine, so the seed has been planted… and keeps growing.

Of course, this is just one of many great ideas to help you get started in growing your business (if you want more business that is!). Taking some small action every day is better than doing nothing at all. Following a simple action plan consistently will lead to great opportunities down the road. Who knows? If you put in the effort, you might just find new business is knocking on your door instead of the other way around.

Spring into action now…and watch your business grow by leaps and bounds!

Signing off… until next time,
Carmen Wisenbaker
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