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Questions to Ask Before Building Your Brand
(Part 4 of 10)

Great questions to ask and answer that will help guide you as you build your brand.

If you’re like most people, you buy from businesses that you like and trust. You buy from people you consider to be credible experts and you buy from companies you care about.

The same is true for your audience.

What makes your business differentYour brand is what communicates your message to your audience. It’s what tells them you’re likable, credible, and trustworthy. It sets the foundation for a relationship. This means that creating your brand is an important part of your marketing strategy and plan. Without a solid brand, you may send a confusing or disjointed message. The following questions will help you as you create or redefine your brand.

Question 1:

What does your business do and how do you do it better than anyone else?

Write down why your business exists and why you’re different than everyone else.

Question 2:

What images and words do you want your audience to think about when they hear your name?

Make a list of the words and emotions that you want people to associate with your business. Add to that list the characteristics of your business. In other words, who are you and what are you about?

Question 3:

What are the advantages and benefits of doing business with you?

Why would your prospects want to do business with you? What do they gain? For example, do you provide exceptional customer service?

Now, Pull It All Together…

With the information you’ve gathered, narrow your ideas down to one concept that you know you can communicate effectively to your audience. This is what is called your brand definition.

Finally, remember that clarity and consistency are essential. Once you have a clear-cut brand definition, it’s important to make sure that you project that brand in every marketing piece you create and share.

Next time (in Part 5), we’ll take a look at the consistency element of marketing your brand.

To your hugely prosperous success!
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