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Ways for a start-up blogger to publicize their new blog.

New blogs pop up all over the internet each and every day. But a lot of bloggers have trouble finding the right kind of traffic and get tired of posting to a non-existent audience. When this happens, the new blogger tends to lose momentum and will quit posting before their blog even has a chance to bring in new fans. So the question is, how does a blogger find their audience? The answer to this question is very important for the new blogger to understand in order to build their readership from the very beginning.

Here are some tips on how to find your audience and create a real buzz about your site.

Finding large audiences that want to read your blog.

If you’re serious about finding your perfect audience, you should know your audience well enough to know their specific interests. Think about other types of industries that cater to the same audience without competing with you. Some examples might be a local dog groomer and a veterinarian, a beauty shop and a day spa, or a CPA and a financial planner. Teaming up with them and guest posting on each other’s blogs can be a win-win for both bloggers.

Next, find the top bloggers, (with very large audiences) in these industries and visit their blog. Creating a beneficial “joint venture” with these types of bloggers can be golden, too, but only if you approach them correctly.

Bloggers taking selfiesTo partner with this type of blogger will take some carefully planned strategies. Keep in mind; you do not want to annoy them by blatantly marketing your site before they have time to get to know you. It’s best to have a strategy that would benefit both parties, otherwise you could get banned from their site if you don’t follow their rules. Start out slowly by reading their blog first, then join their reader list. Lastly, start making comments on their posts. If you comment frequently enough, you should ask them if you could post an article their readers might enjoy. The main thing when doing this step is to be patient and remember the rewards of posting to their readers (with your site information listed), can be a huge payoff in the end.

Getting the word out to everyone.

When posting your articles and information on your blog, be sure to post your “latest blog post” on all your social media accounts, too.

Optimized keywords should be added to each post (and each page). To find your perfect keywords, try using the Google Keyword tool. It not only helps you find the right keywords, but directs you to other words and phrases most often used by your readers.

Lastly, you should submit your site to all the top blog directories. There are many directories in which to add your site (and an endless amount of these are useless). But a good way to start is to check out a few of the more credible directories listed through any online search and do your homework. Just don’t go crazy and post on lots of directory sites all at one time. A few listings at a time will go a long way for your ranking (but just the opposite happens if you add too many all at once).

Well, that’s just a few of the startup tasks involved with developing (and publicizing) your blog. Although there are so many more strategies to use as your blog grows. Stay tuned and I’ll post more creative ways to publicize your blog (and your business) real soon.

Here’s to creating your own fabulous blog buzz,
Carmen Wisenbaker
WordPress Webmaster, Master Certified Optimization Expert, Certified Social Media Expert

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