Why do people become famous for short periods in their careers?

Famous PeopleHave you ever wondered why some people become famous and stay that way for a long time, while others (seemingly just as talented – sometimes even more), experience more fleeting fame? Then you’ll want to read my answer to this very question that I wrote for the Task Expert site.

Here is my answer to this question:

First let’s look at the typical process of becoming famous. A person can be very talented in many ways and yet never become famous. The flip side of this can also happen, where a seemingly untalented person becomes famous and stays that way for a very long time.

Looking at these two different scenarios, you might wonder why one over the other, right? Well the answer often lies within the following factors – sometimes being in the right place at the right time, knowing the right people, just being very lucky, having more talent than others, etc., etc., etc. But the number one reason others become a fan is they like who you are. And knowing one’s appeal to others and then delivering whatever they find intriguing (and entertaining), will determine your staying power. Remember, your talent is whatever your fans believe it to be – whether singing, dancing, acting, or even being obnoxious. If they find you fascinating (and talented), it doesn’t matter what the rest of the world thinks. They will be true blue if you deliver whatever they believe to be worthwhile.

When you think back over history, there have been so many overnight successes that have not had true staying power. The ones that have stayed in the limelight for any length of time, have had a real understanding of their audience, why they are fans in the first place, and what keeps them hanging around.

Think of it this way – if a product has a high “supply and demand” ratio, it will no doubt be a highly profitable item to sell. The same goes for people – if others become a true fan and the star always delivers what their fans expect, their star power will continue.

Of course, the other side of the coin is the publicity side of things. Anyone in the spotlight that would like to stay there should know how (or hire someone who knows how), to mesmerize the crowd with mystery and plenty of public appearances. Getting in the news (whether in a good way or a bad way), is essential to becoming a star. But staying in the spotlight is even more crucial (and a lot harder to do).

A lot of stars forget about their loyal fans after they become famous and disappoint the crowd one too many times. And if they are (or become) too difficult to deal with, a lot of opportunities will start passing them by. This is often when their popularity diminishes and their fans move on to someone that intrigues them even more. When this happens, the star often becomes frustrated as to why others are treating them differently and then become even more difficult to work with and start making unfruitful demands that drive their fans even farther away. The only tactic at this point is to implement a really good public relations campaign to regain their popularity. We call this “making a comeback,” and if done correctly, can be very powerful in regaining their fame (and that much prized fortune).

So, my advice for maintaining your “star power” would be – develop a strategy to stay on your fan’s radar and give them what they find intriguing that makes you a star in their eyes. And by all means, stay highly visible, in the news, and rub elbows with everyone that can help your career along. Always remember to treat people with respect, because this will get your foot in many more doors. Even if your “character” is being obnoxious when playing your “part,” doing so in front of those that can help you get ahead is just plain suicide to anyone’s career.

To your fame, or infamy, whichever fits you best!
Carmen Wisenbaker, “The Publicity Diva”

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