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Search Engine Optimization (also known as SEO) is the ranking a website receives to determine how frequently the site appears in search engine results. SEO not only targets the keywords, description, and page titles used on a site, but also includes the optimization of images, videos, content, etc. The ultimate goal of any SEO campaign should be to find ways of bringing in more revenue for a business. Of course, the revenue of any site is proportional to its visitors, so ranking high in the search results could be very crucial for any type of business.

Taking into account some of the 2014 facts and emerging trends already established, this article lists five important tips that will prove helpful for improving your SEO campaigns this year.

  1. Mobilize: The mobile market is certainly growing rapidly. Having a mobile-compatible website is now the norm rather than the exception. Particularly for younger audiences that are mobile-savvy and like using the best online tools available. Keeping this in mind, develop your SEO campaign around keyword search using a mobile phone (in other words, keep them short and targeted).
  2. Content: Content plays a vital role in the success of any SEO campaign. The recent changes in Google algorithms stress more importance on the quality of the content than the quantity. Just like your readers, Google filters your content and rejects poor quality, too. So, irrelevant and uninteresting content will not only lose your readers, but will result in a poor ranking as well. Another way to optimize your content is to add great keywords to your title. This not only helps in your optimization, but will peak the interest of your readers, too.
  3. Keywords: Proper selection of keywords will continue to play a critical role in defining the success or failure of SEO campaigns… even beyond 2014. A great tool to help you choose the best for both, your content and your website, is Google’s Keyword Tool. You can find it on Google along with complete instructions on how to use it to your advantage.
  4. Backlinks: A backlink is a link from one web site to another, and I cannot stress the importance of using “the right” high quality backlinks enough. The number of quality backlinks used on your site can help determine your ranking in search engines. Backlinks from popular sites are considered highly valuable and will help your ranking tremendously. So add real value to your site by using the best high-ranking quality sites that tie in with your content.
  5. Search Engine OptimizationYour Audience: Determining where your traffic comes from can be a very frustrating time-consuming task. Certainly Google is one of the largest search engines used today. But it shouldn’t be the only consideration in your campaign. Many SEO campaigns have come to a complete halt because of the constant changes in Google algorithms throughout the years. So sharing your content and links with various types of sites is extremely important. For search engines posts, remember to include Bing, Yahoo, and MSN. And for bookmarking shares, try using popular sites like StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Reddit, and Digg. You never know where your audience might be visiting from… and having your information available on other sites can only help attract visitors from these sites, too.

Well, that’s my 5 Great Tips on Optimization! One last thought I’d like to share… it’s great to add articles and how-to tips to your site, but don’t forget to utilize other elements, too. For instance, videos and graphics have become a huge factor in online marketing and seem to rank higher with all the various search engines. So, mix it up a little! Add some real spice to your content and share a few videos, animation, white boards, images, or even an information picture board (or infographic) occasionally. The more variety you use in your content, the better your chances of success in your SEO campaign.

And if you liked today’s article and subject matter, be sure to check back again real soon. Websites and online marketing are my favorite topics to write about and posting them for you to read is definitely my favorite way to share.

To your online success,
Carmen Wisenbaker
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