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Driving Website Traffic with Backlinks

Tips for driving more traffic to your website using backlinks.

Quality Links Back to Your Site Will Help Drive Higher Rankings!

In order to generate larger pools of customers, it’s essential for a website to rank higher in the search engine results. However, understanding exactly how search engines determine web rankings can be very confusing. One important step in ranking higher than your competition is to have quality backlinks linking to your site. So, you might be asking, what is considered a “quality backlink?”

Well, it’s All About “Votes”

Years ago, SEO experts could create higher rankings by using only on-site optimization strategies. While these techniques are still important, they’re powerless without some off-site strategies that will generate quality, relevant backlinks, too.

How this works:
Each time a blog or website links to your site, Google views this as a positive “vote.” As the votes add up, your site begins to ascend on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). But even with that, not all votes have the same value. The best and most powerful votes come from blogs and sites that focus on relevant topics. For instance, if you host a dental site, you’ll receive much more value from backlinks coming from dental blogs and websites, as opposed to general sites which focus on an array of different, unrelated topics.

Attaining More Votes:
Obviously, backlinks are a critical part of effective SEO; however, getting these valuable “votes” can be tricky. Ideally, your site would be so amazing, that others would want to link to it voluntarily. Unfortunately, in the real world, this is usually not the case. To generate quality, relevant backlinks, SEO experts often utilize on-site and off-site content development.

With on-site content development, you create consistent, informative web posts or articles that offer valuable information in your industry. In turn, other sites will want to link to your posts because of the value they offer their readers.

With off-site content development, you still craft interesting, informative articles; however, instead of posting them on your own site, you offer them to other websites for posting on their site. In return, they allow you to include a link back to your website either in the body of the article or in your author byline.

Through effective content development, you’re able to attract those critical backlinks that boost your website’s image and reputation. Over time, your site inevitably begins to climb in the search results, outranking your competitors’ websites which have fewer “votes” and less overall buzz. In the end, this commitment to regular content development can be the key to enduring profits related to superior web rankings. It’s also a great way to position yourself as an authority in your respective field of business.

To your optimization success,
Carmen “Carm”

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