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Every business owner wants their website to appear high in the search engine rankings.

But, is it realistic to expect these types of results, and if so, how would an owner go about achieving this goal?

To answer that question, I thought I would list some of my most frequently asked questions about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

FAQ's about SEO1. Why Do I Need SEO?

First, understand that the vast majority of people actually find a website by entering a few keywords or phrases into the search engine of their choice, i.e. Google, Bing, Safari and so on. Then, the search engine’s technology searches for and categorizes the sites that best match these keywords or phrases. This technology also looks at a wide variety of other types of information on each site in order to rank it properly.

This means that search engine optimization (SEO) involves a large number of tactics in order to properly optimize a site. These tactics might include internal linking, keyword optimization, external linking, and much more. But if you ignore optimization, you might miss out on capturing the attention of those actually looking to purchase your products or services.

2. How Can I Guarantee my Site Ranks the Highest on the Results Page?

Many people want a foolproof path to achieve a good page ranking with the search engines. The truth is that the technology changes so quickly that there really isn’t any “one thing” that you can do to guarantee a high page ranking. Rather, it’s a consistent commitment to providing quality content that generally works best for organic search engine results.

So if you’re trying to place your keywords in your content a ridiculous amount of times or you’re making sure your keywords are always in bold or underlined, you should stop that tactic immediately. In turn, this practice could actually hurt your ranking instead. The search engines are smart and they’re looking for consistently relevant content. It’s simple really… the more valuable people find your content, the better ranking you’ll receive.

3. What Impacts SEO Success?

The following items in particular have a huge impact on SEO success:

  • Correctly optimizing your website using the most relevant keyword phrases for your industry.
  • Quality Inbound Links -are reputable websites linking to your website?
  • History and consistency. The length of time your website has been producing quality content, the better.
  • Less competition for your keywords and keyword phrases is always helpful.
  • Search engine friendly practices like an XML Sitemap and submitting your website properly to the search engines.
Master SEO Certification

Picture of me receiving my Master SEO Certification in Dallas, TX. By the way – I made a 92 on my finals! Woo Hoo to me!

4. What Can I Do To Improve My SEO?

There are many steps you can take to improve your search engine optimization. The first step is to create a plan that consistently creates fresh content. And create various types of content, like articles, graphics, videos, infographics and even audio, to attract lots of traffic.

Another important step to take is to establish relationships with relevant websites in your niche. Inbound links from reputable websites are held in high regard. They position your site as a credible and reliable source of information, which is what the search engines want to provide for relevant searches.

Finally, install analytics and review the information. Identify how people find your website. What keywords do they use? What search engines? What content do they respond to and who is linking to your site? This information will help you create a strong content and SEO strategy.

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To your continued online success,
Carmen “Carm” Wisenbaker, WordPress Webmaster & Master Certified SEO Expert

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