How-To Respond to Bad Reviews and Comments:

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Here are some ways to handle bad reviews in a professional manner.

Businesses cringe over bad reviews!

Anyone can post a review about a company’s products or services. And they don’t even have to be a customer.

Now-a-days… reviews count.

Marketing surveys show that up to 80 percent of buyers say they change their minds based on reviews.

So, it’s no wonder that some businesses have their own people post glowing reviews about their products and services. It’s also not unusual to have a competitor or some troublemaker blast a company or product with negative reviews.

But when a small business with a small customer base finds a bad review on its website or social media site, panic often occurs.

Bad reviews do affect sales, but, surprisingly, not always in a negative way.

According to the Harvard Business Review, good reviews increase business across the board from 32 percent to 52 percent. Whereas, bad reviews can cause an average drop of 15 percent.

Bad reviews can hurt a business.Sometimes.

For unknown or little known businesses or sellers of obscure products, there is some evidence that a bad review is still good enough to let more people know about the company. Sometimes it even helps sales. An example, from the Harvard study, is a wine that one reviewer said smelled like stinky socks. This bad review helped spike sales tremendously.

If you think a review is hurting your company, here are a few things you might want to try:

  • Contact the reviewer (if you know who they are), and work together to solve any problems that might exist. This is great for customer service and shows the reviewer you intend to take care of the problem and that you do care about their satisfaction.
  • If it is beyond your control, then reply to the reviewer (but don’t get personal) and state your case.

But remember, a lot of reviews are simply fake.

Believe it or not, sometimes it is actually good to have a few negative comments, especially if the negative comments reflect a buyer’s own personal taste. For example, they comment they didn’t like the fabric. Well thankfully, others might actually love the fabric.

According to experts at Bottom Line Personal, you can generally trust a product or service review if there are about 50 reviews on the site.

So how do you spot an unreliable review? Well, reviews that constantly give high praise but very few details are probably fake. Others that repeat the same phrases other reviews are commenting are probably also fake (“My favorite product/service!”). The more natural a review sounds, the more believable the review.

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