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3 Opportunities You Don’t Want to Miss on Social Media

Active social networks help your brand reach out to new and existing customers. Through sites like Facebook and Google Plus, you can personalize your brand by building meaningful relationships. Businesses of all sizes are now developing their presence on social media, but many of them are failing to see some of the opportunities that exist. If you’re wondering whether your social networking is getting the best results, consider the following three opportunities that could radically improve how customers perceive you.

Improve your customer service

Social networks now have billions of users. Although customers may want to talk to their friends and family first, they also appreciate the opportunity to connect with brands they admire. If your customers are visiting Facebook or Google Plus every day, why not give them the opportunity to deal with service issues at the same time? Many brands think that social media exists solely to talk ‘to’ customers, but the best social value comes from businesses that talk ‘with’ customers. Use social networks to help your customers deal with complaints or problems, or explore ways to improve the way you work and what you have to offer.

Missed Opportunities on Social Media

Use social influencers

Use social influencers

Many different types of people make up your social audience. Some users are extremely active and influential, while others spend less time on social networks. To make the best use of your time on social media, it’s important to have a strategy that uses your strongest influencers and brand advocates. If you can find people who have authority in your market, you can take advantage of their influence on social networks to quickly increase your brand reach. Treat this approach a little like a celebrity endorsement. If you are able to get an influential figure to share a Facebook update or like one of your pages, the message will spread far more quickly than waiting for thousands of inactive users to eventually find you. Never assume that you can treat all your followers in the same way.

Connect your online and offline presence

To make the most of your social presence, it’s important that customers feel your online and offline business isn’t separate from the real world. The most creative brands continually find ways to link customers in both places for one overall experience. Major musicians sometimes stream live gigs through YouTube, so that everyone can see events simultaneously. Look for ways that your brand can mimic this behavior. For example, if you’re opening a new retail store, upload a video tour of the new shop via YouTube, so that all your customers can see what’s happening. If you can connect social networks with the outside world, your business will feel more inclusive to customers, and that’s a great way to boost loyalty.

Social media is not a traditional marketing channel, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some amazing opportunities in which to grow your business. Think creatively, and start to use social networks to talk to your customers in new and exciting ways. And last (but certainly not least), choose your social networking sites by which sites pull the most traffic for your type of business.

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