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How your page posts are ranked on Facebook.

Facebook’s algorithms decide what you see in your newsfeed (and what other’s see in their newsfeeds, as well). They are based on several factors, including (but not limited to):

Getting your posts seenTimeliness.

The older the post, the lower the chances it will be seen in a feed. Your fans will never be online all at the same time, so don’t expect them all to see each post you make. However, by creating posts at different times of the day, you have more chance of being seen by more fans.

Viral Metrics.

The more interaction a post gets, the higher the chances that Facebook will show it to more of your fans (and sometimes, people who aren’t fans.)

Individual Interaction.

If one of your fans likes every post you make, they will typically see every post you make. If one of your fans only likes every tenth post, then they might only see 2 or 3 out of every 5 updates you make.

However, there is one wild card factor which is friend interaction in newsfeeds. A certain percentage of the time, when a person likes or comments on your posts, that interaction is displayed to all their friends in their newsfeeds. And this can bring in more interactions from non-fans, too.

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