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Leveraging Social Media to Spread the Word

Social media has certainly gained lots of strength in the marketing arena lately.

And chances are you’re already using social media to market your business and keep up with friends. However, you might not be leveraging it properly to gain the local attention you would like. There are so many different ways that you can do this and I wanted to share just a couple of ways in this article.

Local Ads

With many social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, promoting particular posts or ads helps you establish parameters about who sees your ads and posts. This means you can create content specifically for your local audience.

When you designate the parameters to only publish your content to locals, you are then able to make sure your content reaches the right people and achieves your goals. This gives you an abundance of control over your message and how it’s received. You can also see who viewed, clicked on, and shared your information and then reach out to them personally to build a relationship.

Social Media Marketing StrategyLocal Events

Using the same demographic controls, you can host events for your local audience. You might conduct an online seminar for people in your community or give a talk about something that’s relevant to them and your business. For example, a marketing consultant might talk about how to market specifically to a local community. You can see who attended and send follow-up marketing messages and content to them specifically.

Connect with Local Businesses

Make a deliberate attempt to connect with other local businesses on social media. Comment on their posts and get involved in their community. By participating on their social media page, you’re reaching their audience which is also your audience. And the relationship you build on social media may extend to a business relationship and some cross-promotion down the road.

If you’re not leveraging social media to connect with your local audience, now is the perfect time to add that as a strategy to your marketing campaign. Need help? Then contact us today!

To your hugely prosperous success!
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