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Safety Tip: Watch what you say online and what photos you post!

Careful What You PostOnline safety has been a huge topic discussed by the news media lately. Today I’m sharing a few safety tips about sharing pictures of your possessions, gifts, or even posting business reviews. Take heed, these topics are definitely something everyone should think about!

First off, posting anything and everything is not always anonymous, no matter what you might think. There are certain do’s and don’ts to consider when posting on social media sites.

Take this example for instance: a convicted felon in Palm Beach was bragging about all his guns and money on Instagram. Before long a sheriff’s deputy came knocking on his door with a warrant in hand. The result was an unhappy prisoner (since the convict was not supposed to have any guns), and now he has 142 counts of felony charges against him for burglaries and other offenses.

Another consideration: criminals are always checking social media posts to learn our where-a-bouts or of any high-end electronics we’ve won or purchased lately. It certainly helps them choose which house has all the goods they’re looking for and who’s home and who isn’t. Sure makes their “job” easier, that’s for sure.

So be careful when “checking in,” posting pictures of your belongings or even bragging about gifts you’ve received. The wrong type of audience might be watching every move you make.

Of course, it’s not just about posting pictures or our location, either. Other legalities have become an issue concerning posting reviews.

Legal issues with online reviewsTrending are lawsuits filed (and won) against people who falsely post nasty reviews about companies where they’ve never shopped. Their only intention is to hurt the business’s reputation (for whatever reason).

Now-a-days online reviews can be a company’s bread and butter. A bad review can absolutely ruin sales, and if the review is false, the company has a right to take legal action.

So, if you plan to post an online review, first consider the consequences, and:

  • Always tell the absolute truth.
  • Aim to help others, but not destroy the company.

The best action to take? Wait a few days and think about what you post beforehand.

Remember, you really don’t know who is watching and what might happen if you share too much!

To your online safety and social media success,

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