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Videos are now playing on Facebook as soon as you scroll over them, which (at times) can be very annoying.

Taking Control of Video Viewing on FacebookIf you use Google Chrome as your browser, there is a fix to this. In the latest version of Chrome, open a new tab. In the address field of the new tab, enter the following: chrome://settings/contentExceptions#plugins

A window will appear. Next, enter the following: [*.] Then select BLOCK from the drop down menu. That’s all there is to it… now go back to enjoying the “view.”

But remember: this method blocks the adobe player on Facebook from running. So if you do find a video you would like to view, click on the video and right click when it says it is blocked and choose the “run this app” from the choices. It will still block the others from running, but will allow you to watch the ones you choose.

Happy viewing!

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