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How SEO and Social Media Affect Each OtherOur Big Question this Week: “Does social media help website ranking with the search engines?”

Actually, having an optimized website and using social media marketing effectively can work hand-in-hand when it comes to helping your website get found online.

Here is how search engine optimization and social media marketing affect one another:
When marketing your website on social media networks, by including backlinks (links back to your site) in your posts, can rapidly boost your site’s rankings in the major search engines. A website that has a high ranking position in the search results will typically be shared hundreds of times per month on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google +, etc.

Let’s take a closer look…

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Working Together:

An experienced marketer knows that by continuously adding high-quality content to their website will ensure that search engines will be able to navigate the site by finding the right targeted keyword phrases in the headings. By doing this on an ongoing basis, your website’s ranking will also increase.

When posting on your site, also add links to your company’s profiles on Facebook and Twitter at the end of your content. Once your website ranks high, this powerful backlink will subsequently allow your company’s social media pages to reach the top of the search results, too.

Post Outstanding Content for Better SEO:

Websites that feature many high-quality articles generally have higher rankings in the search engines than sites that only contain a few posts, and longer articles typically have a more substantial impact on a site’s position than posts with less than 250 words. When an article is shared by thousands of users, the number of backlinks increases tremendously, and as a result, your website’s rankings will be boosted, too.

Use Related Content:

Generally, backlinks on pages with posts that focus on the same subject as a website’s articles will provide a notably higher level of authority than links that are on unrelated sites. By adding comments that contain targeted keyword phrases underneath a post on a social network, the marketer can tremendously augment the power of backlinks that are on all the social media networks.

How Comments and Traffic Affect Your Ranking:

During 2013, Google started to substantially increase the rankings of sites that receive many repeat visitors. Several studies have shown that most users who place comments under an article are likely to click the post’s link at least three times.

Utilize Local SEO in Your Posts:

In general, local keyword phrases have a much lower level of competition than keywords that are used nationally. So, in order to attract visitors from a particular region, you should add the name of the geographical region to your posts, thus helping your local ranking as well.

How Positive Testimonials Help Your Search Engine Optimization:

In 2012, Google began to allow the tone of a website’s reviews to affect the site’s positions in the search results. Search engine indexing now evaluates comments that have been posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and YouTube, and when determining the site’s quality, the algorithm analyzes specific phrases that reflect the sentiments of the reviewers.

So, as you can see, for your audience to find you easily… having just a website is not enough, nor is only utilizing social media tactics. Combined, websites and social media marketing truly do work hand-in-hand in helping you get attention quickly from those looking to do business with you!

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And, as always, to your online success!
Carmen “Carm” Wisenbaker
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