Are you sticky (or should I say… is your website sticky)?

Posted By Carmen | 28 comments

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of typing in some keywords into a search engine (Google, Yahoo, etc.), and having your website show up in the top spots.

But, how do you really get there? Of course, knowing the answer to this mystery would be the same as solving all of life’s problems. The answer today will probably be different tomorrow.

But there are some neat ways to make your site a little stickier. One of the “right” things to do in order to achieve a higher ranking, is to list other websites on your site. Now this can be tricky if you are just adding any old link.

The search engines will index your site very high if you have “reputable” business sites listed. But they will give you a lower ranking if you link to a site within a site (so be careful)! What that means is to list a site that is nothing more than a site that leads you to another. Search engines don’t like that, but they do like it if your site has helpful informational links for your visitors.

I accomplish this in many ways on my site. First, I offer a lot of resource links having to do with websites, seo (search engine optimization), and social media marketing. Secondly, I list other businesses on my site that attend my events. I also list links for those that offer me a review and those I joint venture with.

Of course there are many more ways of doing this, but even these suggestions can prove to be of huge value!

What are some ways you have achieved this? Why not add a comment and let everyone know your secrets, too!

Take care and I’ll post again real soon…