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For those of you that are frustrated that your formatting scrambles when transferring your information into html (like on your website and other online sources), here is a quick tip that might help.

First, it’s okay to use MS Word as an editing program, but not to use for copy and paste. The formatting used in MS Word has extended language that is not compatible with the html language. So, go ahead and use MS Word to create your content (and other text type items) and take full advantage of the usefulness of the program – proofing, editing, word counts, etc. But, after you get the information written just like you want; copy and paste it into a text-only program that will take out the formatting.

HTML languageWhere do you find this type of program?

Go to your start button on the lower left hand side of your computer. Click on this button to reveal your “All Programs” button. Open to see all the programs listed on your computer. You will see a folder listed as “Accessories” and when you move your mouse over this button, it will reveal the programs listed on this file. Your computer typically comes with a program known as “Notepad” and that is one of the programs that can be used for copying and pasting from MS Word to take out the formatting created by Word.

Once you copy and paste your text, you’ll see that Notepad doesn’t have any formatting and will look rather plain. This is the best way to transfer your text into html programs (or if you are pasting into other applications on the web). After you paste your text where you want (either into your website, blog, ezine, etc.), then you can select the font you want to use and add any other extras…making it look nice again.

This will help save you countless hours of frustration and make posting a pleasure again!

Happy posting!
Carmen Wisenbaker, Creative Director

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