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A Handy Checklist Before Publishing Your Website

When creating a website, there are so many decisions to make way before you even think about publishing your masterpiece. First and foremost, you have to decide whether your site will be an eCommerce site and sell goods and services online, or if your site will be more informational based.

Once this has been decided, there are still many other factors to take into consideration before going “live.” So I developed a checklist of decisions to make before you push the publish button for the entire world to see.

Checklist Before You Publish

Your Targeted Audience

Create and design your site with your targeted audience in mind. If you use terminology not familiar to your visitors, your message will get lost and ignored.

Social Media Activities

Always incorporate social media buttons on your website. Today websites should list other social sites they are connected with and show activity on these sites on an ongoing basis. This helps the viewer learn more about your company while building in more trust, too.

Two-Way Communications

Make certain your visitors can contact you by email and list other ways to reach you, too. It’s also important to respond quickly whenever someone sends an inquiry. Leaving questions unanswered can create a bad image quickly and make the contact feel you don’t care enough to respond.

Double check everythingUse Great Content

Have a professional editor look over your content for simple grammatical errors. Also ask others for feedback before going live. Use engaging content and appropriate keywords in the headline and first paragraph of each page.

Check for Broken Links

Either use a link-checking service or plugin to check all your links to make sure they are all working properly. Broken links are not only annoying to visitors, but they hurt your ranking with the search engines, too.

Get Permissions, if needed

If you are using any content, photos, or quotes from other sources, make sure you get the proper permissions before adding them to your site.

These are just a few helpful starter tips on what to consider before publishing your website. Of course, there are many other considerations, but as I stated before, decide the purpose of your site first and determine if you’ve met those goals. If not, go back and take care of those details… and once you meet every goal, you’ll be glad you did when you publish your site.

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